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Queen of Swords

Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

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Bathing Culture’s Mind & Body Wash is made from organic plants and minerals that doesn’t dry out your skin. This gently cleanser feels like a little TLC for your skin with every pump. Because of the concentrated formula and no fillers, just a dab will do for over 80 showers! And, the glass bottle allows and promotes reusing and refilling your bottle when you run out.

As for the smell… Wow. Cathedral Grove is Bathing Culture’s scent. it reminds us of jumping into a cold river on a hot day, under a canopy of redwoods. Inspired by playing in the fog drenched forest ecosystems of Northern California, you'll get notes of coniferous needle, redwood sorrel, juniper, rhododendron, and damp earth.

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