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Marble + Milkweed

Tulsi + Jasmine Tea

Tulsi + Jasmine Tea

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 Organic, fairly-traded green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine blossoms from Hubei, China form the fragrant base of this green tea blend, meant to be simmered like a traditional chai, while organic cardamom, ginger and black pepper add warmth and spice. Organic vanilla and nutmeg bring a sweet roundness to the blend, and ambrosia-scented (and locally grown) tulsi nurtures and enlivens.


1-2 tbsp. tea leaves

4 oz water + 4 oz milk

simmer 5 minutes + sweeten


2.5oz of loose tea makes approximately 17 servings

ingredients: *fair-trade jasmine green tea, *cardamom, *ginger, *tulsi, *black pepper, *nutmeg, *vanilla (*organic)

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